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Welcome to TRS Safe Detox Australia 

Independent Distributors of Advanced TRS by Coseva.

Advanced TRS is a revolutionary new product that has changed my life in so many ways and to tell you the truth I haven’t stopped talking about TRS since I came across it.

This is my story...

I’ve always had an interest in Natural Health and I found myself constantly searching for a product or service that could drastically change my health and my life for the better. Unfortunately because our society has become so toxic we are bombarded by toxins and chemicals from every direction and I was certainly starting to feel the effects even with a relatively healthy diet and lifestyle.
I have tried many supplements, health products, juice fasts and healing modalities and they have been amazing at helping address some of my health issues but after trying TRS I have had a clarity of mind, a massive energy boost and an array of gains I was not able to achieve previously with other products. The best thing is it is so easy to use that even my eldest son, who has a few sensory issues and refuses a lot of natural supplements that are of benefit to him (that don’t taste all that great) is actually the one who is always grabbing the bottle of TRS and reminding all the members of the family to use it.
It is by far one of the easiest methods of detox, toxin and contaminant removal systems I think I have ever come across and for me there was no curling up in the foetal position suffering from major detox symptoms which can usually happen with so many other methods of detoxing.

I initially came across TRS on facebook after someone had posted their experience on one of the other pages I was on. It peaked my interest enough to join a few other TRS facebook groups and WOW what amazing results these people all around the world are experiencing. I felt internal goosebumps and knew I was being drawn to purchase this product but the rational mind kind of kicked in and I held back on purchasing some and just continued to check out the testimonials that were appearing at record numbers. I finally bit the bullet after a couple of months, pulled some money together and purchased 3 bottles and I haven’t looked back since. I am forever thankful that the Universe bought this product into my awareness and am seeing the hope that it’s giving to many people on their journey to health and wellness.

Now It’s recommended you use for a minimum period of 6 months to see the positive benefits but when you read some of the testimonials there are gains happening much faster than this and it’s so exciting. Even though this is the recommendation I know TRS is a product that I will be happy to keep using for a very long time. The unavoidable and continuous exposure of toxins coming in from our food, the products we use and all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis in our environment are having an impact on our bodies so by sticking with my little blue bottle of TRS I know that i am taking more of a preventative approach and I feel so good when i am taking it.

There is plenty of information available if you wish to know more (there are a few links below)
If you like what you’ve read and you’re interested in giving it a go I’m happy to support you on your own TRS journey. 
If you have any questions or queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.
I appreciate your time and I wish you well on your journey to better health.

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