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Monica E.
December 29, 2018 at 3:05 PM

A month ago I purchased my first bottle of TRS from here. I just wanted to share the amazing results I have recently seen in my 2.5 year old son. He has had a language explosion. He has gone from two word phrases to questioning and reasoning. He speaks in full sentences and fixes his own grammatical errors such as plurals. He can now point out the letters of his name and other family members found in print or advertising. I’m totally blown away that this little genius was inside my boy all along!

Lorelle E.
February 12, 2019

My 20 year old autistic boy and myself have been using Advanced TRS for two months now. Here's our update:

The biggest improvement for my son is in his gut. We are doing lots of things for our son, so other things are helping him as well; but the significant changes have been huge. He had a very limited diet - couldn't tolerate carbohydrates well at all, and things like onion/garlic forget it. Well now he is able to eat lots of things without the previous effects on his behaviours. So his gut is improving a lot. I did read an article where zeolite helped the "tight junctions" in the gut lining - so the TRS has probably been helping fix his leaky gut!

I wish I had gotten around to doing an ATEC score before we started. His ATEC was 91 when he was 16 years old (I worked out it was 148 at the age of 3 or 4). I did the score again today - it was 70, and 4 years have gone by. But TRS has certainly been a help in getting this down.

My major improvement: Being in the post-menopausal zone, my hot flushes were pretty bad. Since taking the Advanced TRS, my hot flushes have improved greatly - don't get as many, and they are milder. That helps to feel better each day.

We have gone pretty slow, as the detox symptoms were a bit rough. So we started with 1 spray per day (AM) for about 5 weeks. Then went up to 2 sprays per day (AM). We are just about to finish our first bottle between the two of us, which has lasted 2 months.

Kez G.
January 24, 2019

14 months ago my son did a factory end of year maintenance job which involved a lot of toxic chemicals. A few weeks after the maintenance he had what he said felt like a heart attack. This resulted in him having to quit his job as his chest (heart) was hurting too much and he suffered with waves of weakness through his body.

He went to the doctors who diagnosed him with a heart murmur. They told him it was just muscles spasms and there was nothing they could do. Not long after this he went on to start having blackout seizures. The blackout seizure he had 7 months ago was the trigger for me to find something that could help him and that's when I came across TRS. He purchased 3 bottles, started using it and initially his heart felt worse. He was in a lot of pain but after a week or so on TRS his chest pains subsided, his memory came back and he was feeling the best he had felt since he had to quit his job.

He found himself another job which required a full physical and they didn't pick up a heart murmur. Well his TRS ran out a month ago and all was great until they did the factory maintenance where he had to paint in a low ventilated area, they also opened up and cleaned out the highly corrosive and toxic waste pits. This brought on a massive migraine and in the last 2 weeks his health has deteriorated back to having his chest pains start up again, his memory is crap and the feeling of weakness has returned.

We purchased another bottle of TRS from Amanda yesterday and now fingers crossed he gets back to the way he was prior to this last incident.

Whatever the TRS did previously it helped him to get his life back .. It truly is an amazing product.